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CJ Lomas Recovery Foundation

501 (c)(3) 36-4729463

Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, we are conducting all of our Family Support Meetings on Zoom.

Please email [email protected] requesting to be added to our email list of attendees. We would love to have you join us.

Thank You!

Family & Friends Support Group

"Addiction is all around us. Let's not pretend it's a secret. Talk away the stigma."

In addition to forming the CJ Lomas Recovery Foundation, we have also formed a Family and Friends Support Group. This is a place where family members and loved ones can interact and share with others who may be experiencing some of the same concerns or be in similar situations. The Family and Friends Support Group meets every other Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. It is imperative that this take place in a non-judgmental, non-shaming, non-labeling, and supportive atmosphere. Please see our Calendar for scheduled dates. If you are interested in more information about our Support Group or know of someone who may benefit from attending one of our meetings, please contact Patti at 414-254-9199 or Charlie at 414-881-9144 for more details. We would love to help

CJ started taking steps in his recovery program that, unfortunately, he was not able to complete. He thought it would be very helpful to have recovering addicts speak to families lost in the world of addiction. We were a family like that for years. CJ saw what the ugliness of addiction did to our family and wanted desperately to make a difference. We have been involved in family groups for years, and it is very helpful to know there is support and assistance out there for families, friends and loved ones of individuals struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Our goal in forming this group is to educate parents, family members and significant others as where to draw the line between enabling and the proper support of a loved one who is struggling with drugs or alcohol. We are very fortunate to have the support of a highly qualified and licensed addiction counselor. She has been gracious enough to commit to attending our meetings so we will always have a counselor present for professional advice. We also have several individuals in long term recovery who enlighten us on their perspective, struggles and feelings of shame and guilt they carry with them.

Family members, friends, and healthy relationships can be some of the most important elements in someone’s recovery. Individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction need these positive influences. However, these positive influences, such as family members and other concerned persons, often do not know where to turn when they themselves need support when dealing with the recovering loved one. There may be frustration and many questions that need to be answered - how to cope with stress, how not to enable, how to forgive, how to love, dealing with anger, acceptance, healing, change, grief and loss, how to share feelings, as well as a multitude of other problems and concerns that need to be addressed. These issues may be related to addictive behaviors, expressing and sharing feelings, trust issues and setting boundaries, among others. We can learn from each other’s mistakes, as well as from our successes, and turn our weaknesses into strengths.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information.

"I used to think I was ALONE, and that NO ONE cared about my FEELINGS. I always tried to figure out what I did to cause my child to go the other direction in life. But since I found SUPPORT, with people who really care, now I realize, I'm not ALONE with this problem and it can happen to any one. While my child is battling with this disease, it really takes a toll on me and my families life also. Sometimes I get so focused on my daughter with her addictions and whether she is doing okay out there. I fail to focus on the other three people in my life, who I love dearly. I THANK GOD everyday that I found your group for SUPPORT. By rising together, I now know that I'm not ALONE. It takes special people to help someone who is in need of a friend and their sanity, to make it through difficult times in their lives."

Thank you always,